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"Southern Roll & Outlaw Rock with footstompin Rhythm n Blues"

   Hey there and a warm welcome to my website. I'm a Guitarist and Singer/ Songwriter living in Dorset UK. I grew up just North of London in the commuter town of Hemel Hempstead and spent most of my teen years trying to play Metallica and Hendrix riffs on my old Peavey Strat and formed my first band when I went to Uni in Portsmouth at 18. I taught myself by ear and developed my own style over the years with no bounds on what 'should' work or come next, I just find the notes that feel right and play what feels goooooooood. Songwriting is my one big passion and the connection and flow between words and feeling, rhythm and song makes me feel alive!

   If I had to sit my music in a genre I guess it most comfortably fits in with   'Southern Rock & Roots Rock', influenced by Rock's origins in Folk, Blues and Country music but melting in to a blend of British Rock and American influence. I grew up on The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, The Stone Roses.....just to name a few, you'll hear those influences running through my veins.

   Hope you enjoy my music and live clips, there's plenty more on my social media and you can download my EP tracks free here. Touch base if you'd like to find out more or would like info on booking me or working with me as a songwriter.

   Bless ya and thank you for joining me!


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